Hamilton Family Law
The Attorneys at Our Firm represent and act as counselor at law in areas of family concern. We understand the difficulty that can occur when family disputes arise and we handle each case in a professional manner; putting your priorities at the top of the list.
Child Custody and Visitation-Regardless of how many child custody and visitation matters you have heard or how much information you have compiled from the internet or library, the truth is that each case is different.  You want to put yourself in the best position to make your strongest case. Our attorneys can help assess your individual circumstances so that you are able to apply the relevant law and facts to solidify your position.
Child Support– Virginia has statutory guidelines based on income amount. Even with this fact, it doesn’t mean the right numbers are being computed. One of our attorneys can help you make sure you are paying or receiving the right amount. Or perhaps, you are entitled to back support or you do not know where to begin. Let one of our attorneys assist you.

Step-Parent Adoption, Grandparent Custody– You do not have to be the biological mother or father to care for a child and in your case to have rights. Let us help you learn what those rights are, so we can help you defend them.

Property Settlement Agreements, Premarital Agreements– You want a skilled professional to draft any contract that you have to rely on in the future. We have experience here that can help you feel more secure about settling areas of concern so you can move on with your life.

Restraining Orders, Protective Orders, Show Causes– Allow us to help you present your best self to the Court. Something else to keep in mind is that prior outcomes in related court appearances or even in this pending case could have a negative impact on your future dealing with the case.

We can help you answer questions for the matters outlined above. Schedule an initial consultation so that we can help answer:

How should I deal with the other party?
What factors will the Court consider?
Which factors from my case will help or hurt my case?
 What can I do to put myself in the best position for my case?
What evidence do I need to prove my case?